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Case Study Labcorp


LabCorp is the second largest diagnostic laboratory in the world, with over 6 billion dollars in revenue per year.

The Challenge:

Labcorp handles and distributes thousands of products every day. Their existing technology could not facilitate the management of inventory and orders in the warehouse. They were spending hundreds of man hours on repetitive tasks and hundreds more on time-consuming functions that could be automated. At the same time, they needed the maximum trackability possible per customer, processors, sales people, warehouse pickers and by orders, items, inventory, and delivery vehicles.

The Solution:

In this case we can detail that we built a database that automates much of the order and process. The system evaluates automatically the history of consumption by a customer, triggering alarms automatically if something seems out of place. It pre-fills initial orders based on the type of customer, sends and assigns the work in a paperless manner to the warehouse and then to the delivery vehicles. It performs automatically much of the work that was completed by hand, with more accuracy and accountability, and best of all, it is now almost paperless. It is currently being used around the clock, 24/7 for the last 6 years.

The Outcome:

Since going online, the system has saved Labcorp many thousand man hours. The system runs web-based, and after the system was built, over the last 6 years. They only needed support twice for the system since implementation. In regards to trackability and accountability, an added bonus is that now management knows where everything is, has been, will be and each employee has done in real-time.